Riddle (английские загадки)

If a man carried my burden,
He would break his back.
I am not rich,
But leave silver in my track.
What am I?

Ответ: A snail (he carries his house on his back)

I can run, but never walk,
Often a murmur, never talk,
I have a bed but never sleep,
I have a mouth but never eat.
What am I?

Ответ: A river

Two bodies I have
Though both joined in one
The more still I stand
The quicker I run.
What am I?

Ответ: An hourglass

It has seven letters,
It proceeded God,
All poor people have it,
And all rich people need it.

Ответ: Nothing

The maker doesn't need it,
The buyer doesn't use it
The user uses it without knowing.

Ответ: A coffin